What is The Local Perspective?

Breaking it Down

To understand The Local Perspective, let’s first explore what it means to be local. If we’re talking about people, a local is someone from a particular area, city, or neighborhood. When we’re talking about produce, it means it was grown nearby, usually within 5 or 10 miles. If we look at the Latin root of the word Local, we have loc, which literally translates to “place.” So at it’s very root, local translates to a particular place.

Now let’s take a look at perspective. On the one hand, it can mean a certain point of view that someone holds. That may be literally a physical vantage point, or it may be an outlook or political ideology someone subscribes to. We can also look at the word “perspective” in the context of art – where you translate a three dimensional point of view onto a two dimensional medium. At it’s core, the word perspective, means point of view.

Now to understand The Local Perspective, let’s talk about travel.

Travel is one of the few things that money can buy, that actually makes you richer. It costs money, but what you gain is far more valuable. It forces you out of your comfort zone, helps you push boundaries, and enables you to learn and grow in ways you never could have imagined. It teaches lessons that will serve you for years to come. Travel introduces you to friends, connections, lovers, and business partners. It lets you create stories that you’ll share over and over again for decades to come.

The beauty is that spirit of adventure need not happen only when you’re out on the road. You can make those friendships, stories, and experiences every day of your life, no matter where you are.

The Local Perspective

The Local Perspective, is above all else, a mindset. It’s a lens through which you can look at the world, and your place in it. It’s about exploring back alleys and finding the hole-in-the-wall restaurant rather than the tourist trap. It’s about living with enough presence and intention to strike up a conversation with those around you, rather than remaining plugged into a mobile device throughout your waking life. It’s about living with that adventurous, optimistic, and spontaneous spirit, in all aspects of life, whether you’re home or abroad.

The Local Perspective also serves as my digital home.  A place where I share my travels, lessons I’ve learned, goals I’m working towards, fitness and health tips, and advice and stories worth sharing.

Yucatan Backpacking: Playa del Carmen, Tulum, and Merida

In July, we spent 10 days backpacking through the Yucatan Peninsula.  The beauty of it was the flights were entirely paid for by Chase Sapphire rewards points, so the only expenses were accommodations and food.

We flew into Cancun, and started the journey in Playa del Carmen.  It’s filled with stunning white-sand beaches, exhilarating nightlife, and many resorts and international shops.

Tulum was the next stop on the itinerary, and is a laid back, beautiful town with rich history and archaeological sites.  It still had a fair number of tourists and was largely catered to an international crowd, but is much more than backpacker destination rather than resort goer.

The last leg of the journey was to Merida, the capital of the Yucatan peninsula.  It’s a large city, but truly felt off the beaten tourist path as we encountered far fewer travelers, and got a great taste of the vibrant culture and history.